MALÅ Professional Explorer

The MALÅ ProEx is a modular digital radar control unit with multi-channel functionality. The unit is designed for two hardware channels (4 data channels). Adding an antenna module allows connection of two separate antennas for simultaneous data collection. As an option, the MALÅ ProEx Expansion Unit can be added to support up to eight individual antennas. A choice of three antenna modules (optical, high frequency and coax) allows the user to connect MALÅ antennas in various configurations, for single, dual or multi-antenna operation.

Pro Ex control unit

Designed on a modular platform, MALÅ ProfessionalExplorer (ProEx) is the most versatile control unit in the MALÅ range and replaces the world famous RAMAC/GPR CUII.

MALÅ ProEx control unit, coupled with the MALÅ XV Monitor is compatible with a broad range of antennas and offers a flexible and versatile approach to detecting subsurface targets and geological layers accurately, efficiently and in real-time. Common applications include arctic studies, multi-channel roadway mapping, and locating sites for safe nuclear waste repositories.

Pro Ex monitor –  Collecting, processing & presenting GPR data

The MALÅ XV Monitor is a dedicated tool, optimized for the job in hand, i.e. the collection, handling, processing, and presentation of GPR data. The user interface has been designed to be simple, intuitive, and easy to use. Its unique dual function button allows for simple navigation.

MALÅ XV Monitor was designed with field use in mind; the rugged housing is IP65 and has a tough impact resistant screen. Its high-bright screen displays the data clearly, even when operating in direct sunlight.

  • Shielded
  • High-frequency
  • Rough terrain (RTA)
  • Unshielded
  • Separable shielded
  • Borehole


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