Seismic Sensors

GEOtiny is a compact miniature digital seismometer which integrates three seismic and three acceleration channels. It supports high resolution 24bit digitizer


New generation “state of the art” 32-bit ADC seedlink digitizers / recorders, designed on our latest technology

Accelerometer/Strong Motions Sensor

The SM550 and SM1500 are two MEMS type, three-component acceleration sensors

Multi Channel Systems

GEObit provides a flexible, real time, immediate warning structural monitoring solution.

Portable Seismic Stations

GEObit provides compact solutions for quick deploy seismic stations based on SRi32L digitizer/recorder and C100 sensor

Ocean Bottom Seismometer 

he OBS32 offshore seismograph, can record microseismic events occurring under oceanic sea bottom and below water depths up to 10Km

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