New generation “state of the art” 32-bit ADC seedlink digitizers / recorders, designed on our latest technology.

GEObit Broadband

40sec-90Hz or 120sec-60Hz sensors. The sensor technolgy combines optical electronis for the implementation of the mass position transducer and force balance feedback to deliver wide band frequency response.

Seismometer/Seismic Sensor

Surface or borehole type, velocity, high sensitivity, wide and broad band seismic sensors. Designed according to the force-balance principle for variety of seismic monitoring applications. Click To Enter.

Accelerometers/Strong Motion Sensors

Surface or borehole type,high sensitivity wide band acceleration seismic sensors. The SM550 and SM1500 are two MEMS type, three-component acceleration sensors.

Multi Channel

GEObit provides a flexible, real time, immediate warning structural monitoring solution. Multi-channel systems (up to 1000 channels)

Portable Seismic

GEObit provides compact solutions for quick deploy seismic stations based on SRi32L digitizer/recorder and C100 sensor, or other sensor.

 Ocean Bottom Seismometer

The OBS32 offshore seismograph, can record micro seismic events occurring under oceanic sea bottom real-time


The DataViewer user interface supports powerful features which are divided into five groups, each selected by clicking on

GEObit Instrument
Response Files

Nominal Responses for Seismic Instruments in SEED RESP format

GEObit Technical

Useful articles and
Technical notes

Software Tools

Instrument Free Software

The GEOscock software is a peak velocity value (PPV) calculator in real-time or in playback.

Data Processing

Web-based client/server architecture accessible from any web browser

Data Telemetry

Real Time data telemetry from the Remote Seismic Stations.