The SM1500 & SM550 Strong Motion Acceleration Sensors (Accelerometers)
  • 3-axis accelerometers
  • Ultra Low Power Consumption
  • Surface mounting
  • MEMS technology
  • DC – 1500Hz
  • Wide Dynamic Range 117dB
  • Output range +/-3g linear
  • Noise level 0.3ugrms/sqrt(Hz)
  • Operating temperature -20 to +70oC
  • Borehole type (optional)

The SM550 and SM1500 are two MEMS type, three-component acceleration sensors. Both have wide frequency response. The SM1500 model responses from DC to 1500Hz, while the SM550 model responses from 0.5 to 550Hz. Output Range is +/-3g for the horizontal axis, and +/-2g for the vertical axes. Sensitivity is 1.2V/g for the Sm1500, and 0.3V/g for the SM550.

The SM1500 sensor operates from a bipolar power supply that can range from +/-6V to +/-15V with a typical power consumption of 33mA @6Vdc

The SM550 sensor is powered from a unipolar power supply and can range from +/-9V to +/-20V with a typical power consumption of 16mA@9Vdc

The default cable length between the sensor and the digitizer is approximately 2 meters but it can be extended up to 50 meters.
The sensors are surface mounted, over a provided special base, providing the ability for leveling.

Seismic accelerometers can be used for early warning systems implementation. The concept is to install high precision accelerometers near seismic zones, generally located occurs at the borders of two tectonic plates.

The interval of time between an earthquake and a local alert can be very small, from one minute to a few seconds. The waves travel through the ground at 1 to 5 kilometers each second, whereas the signals emitted by the sensors reach the urban areas almost instantly. This allows the population to execute the security processes in time, as long as they are not into the blind zone.

Contact GEObit experts to help you on designing your early-warning application.


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