MALÅ Easy Locator Pro WideRange HDR

The unique contribution to the Easy Locator product family has arrived – MALÅ Easy Locator Pro WideRange HDR, with the widest GPR antenna bandwidth available for utility detection on the market

MALÅ Easy Locator HDR

The easy-to-use, industry-leading GPR solution for utility location and detection.

MALÅ Easy Locator Pro

The professional’s choice for utility mapping. MALÅ Easy Locator Pro (EL Pro is a cost-effective GPR solution that provides a comprehensive


MALÅ ConcreteExplorer (CX) is an easy-to-use, GPR system designed for the non-destructive investigation and imaging of concrete and other man-made structures.


MALÅ GX is an integrated GPR solution with a wide range of antenna options and measuring devices


Designed on a modular platform, MALÅ ProfessionalExplorer (ProEx) is the most versatile control unit in the MALÅ range


The most technically advanced 3D ground penetrating radar (GPR) system on the market

MALÅ GeoDrone 80

MALÅ GeoDrone 80 is the cutting-edge solution for unmanned surveying in areas that are dangerous or are hard to reach

Large scale 3D GPR mapping

With the highest point density on the market MALÅ MIRA HDR delivers unsurpassed class-leading resolution

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