MALÅ Easy Locator Core

The world´s first intelligent Ground penetrating radar (GPR) solution

MALÅ Easy Locator Core is the state of the art, intelligent ground penetrating radar solution for utility locating professionals.

MALÅ Easy Locator Core includes the best data quality on the market, real-time interpretation support through MALÅ AI; wireless data collection using mobile devices; cloud storage, post-processing and on-site reporting using MALÅ Vision.

All with the fastest workflow on the market.

Intuitive for beginners – Complete for experts

The first Easy Locator series became the industry standard two decades ago. The Easy Locator Core is now the new standard for utility locating professionals.

Easy Locator Core is the result of Guideline Geo’s commitment to deliver customer-oriented solutions. The Easy Locator Core is a state-of-the-art Swedish quality product built on the latest research and innovation.


  • Swedish quality, unparalleled performance and a variety of revolutionary new features
  • Lighter and easier to use than anything else
  • Rugged and capable of traversing the toughest terrain
  • Unsurpassed resolution, bandwidth, and data clarity
  • Real-time interpretation from MALÅ AI while collecting data
  • Access and share your data anywhere on any device
  • Cloud-connected to MALÅ Vision for instant processing in the field
  • Constantly updated with new unique features and improvements


Optimized for locating and mapping utilities.