The new generation of – ABEM Terrameter LS pushes the boundaries by introducing features previously never seen in commercial resistivity meters.

Now Guideline Geo is introducing a new unique IP feature using 100 % duty cycle. This means twice as fast data collection and double the signal to noise ratio compared to the conventional IP method (50%) using the same settings.

Resistivity/IP surveying is a versatile geophysical method suitable for a broad range of applications and environments such as groundwater prospecting, mineral exploration, geological mapping and geotechnical investigations. Depending on the application used, system designs can vary. ABEM Terrameter LS 2 has been made available in many different configurations to perfectly match your requirements.

ABEM Terrameter LS 2 introduces a unique software licensing system, making it scalable and easy to upgrade. Every instrument comes preinstalled with all hardware modules and software features  ranging from basic to advance. What feature you choose depends on product package since not all features need to be activated. Upgrades are made by downloading a license code from the internet or USB. Future development will include time limited licenses, making it possible to rent upgrades.

New IP measure mode

100 % duty cycle for faster data collection and better data quality

  • Scalable through software licensing system
  • New IP measure mode for faster data collection and better data quality
  • 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 16 GB removable and expandable data storage
  • Built-in charger for internal battery
  • GPS with GLONASS for improved accuracy
  • Faster CPU module for a smooth user experience
  • New power connector
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