Pipeline Inspection

Pearpoint’s fully modular commercial range delivers centred pipeline inspection capabilities from 1¼” / 32mm pipes up to 60″ / 1500

Comprehensive reporting tools, high quality video and a broad range of accessories combine to provide advanced video inspection capabilities in even the most challenging conditions.

Pearpoint’s global networks keep downtime to a minimum, keeping your systems working.

Typical applications include:

•    Periodic inspection of drainage networks
•    Preventative maintenance programs
•    Identification / diagnosis of problems in pipes
•    Commissioning survey of newly installed or relined pipes
•    Home-sellers packs

flexiprobe P540c Pushrod Inspection Systems

Welcome to a connected world flexiprobe P540c is the most powerful Pearpoint controller ever designed, providing intuitive menus and dedicated function buttons

flexitrax™ P550c – Modular Crawler System

Welcome to a connected world The flexitrax™ P550c controller is designed around the user, helping them to create survey reports more easily and more efficiently

P350 flexitrax – Modular Crawler System

P350 flexitrax crawler system offers features the simplicity and ease transport of a pushrod while delivering functionality and performance with crawler systems

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