NEW ABEM Terraloc Pro 2

The ABEM Terraloc Pro is a versatile seismograph that can be used with any type of seismic accessory for every possible application.

The next generation seismograph
ABEM Terraloc is adding a new seismograph to the family, which further increases the quality with improved stability and enhanced user experience. Terraloc Pro 2 is a great companion for almost all seismic applications whether it is as MASW or reflection survey, cross-borehole testing, or a marine refraction investigation.

Typical applications for the Terraloc instruments are depth to bedrock, bedrock quality, soil stability studies, finding fractures and weak zones, and geological mapping. In all these applications the seismograph is triggered by ground vibrations created by an energy source. Time is then measured accurately until the ground vibrations have propagated through the ground and can be measured by geophones connected to the seismograph.

Enhanced user experience by offering:
A new quad-core computer module that runs a stable Linux operating system
A Wizard mode that facilitates the setup of measurements
Improved battery solution (Li-Ion) and power connectors
But above all – an upgraded up-to-date user interface that will improve the user experience during seismic measurements. The Terraloc Pro 2 provides improved new functionality in conjunction with the best of the previous version − all wrapped together in one efficient solution.

A standalone system
The ABEM Terraloc Pro 2 is a standalone system and comes with built-in computer, data storage, measurement channels and user interface. Measurements are conducted using a graphical interface with a look and feel that is familiar. The system is enclosed in an aluminum casing that is rugged and robust, meeting IEC IP 66 classifications so that measurements can be made in all situations and environments.

ABEM Terraloc Pro 2 is equipped with GPS, WiFi, Ethernet, USB and VGA. If needed, the ABEM support team can remotely connect to the instrument, regardless of where the instrument is situated.



  • Wizard mode facilitates easy configuration
  • Faster data processing  (Quad-core computer)
  • More stable and secure (Linux operating system)
  • Ease of use and increased efficiency (improved user-interface)
  • Enhanced internal battery reliability (Li-Ion technology)


  • Designed for outstanding data quality
  • Graphical user interface with a familiar feel
  • Standalone system makes it easy to operate in the field
  • Quality control before and during measurements
  • Rugged and robust, do measurements anywhere, anytime
  • Georeferenced data using GPS
  • Possible to conduct any type of seismic method


  • Depth to bedrock
  • Soil stability
  • Geological sequences and structures
  • Ground water
  • Rock quality
  • Rippability