GEOtiny! Compact Digital Seismometer

  • 3 components seismic sensor
  • 3 components acceleration sensor
  • Low power consumption.
  • Cost affordable design
  • Only 130mm diameter – 115mm Height
  • Integrated 24-bit digitizer
  • Embedded Seedlink Server
  • Real time data telemetry and local storage
  • Miniseed data format
  • Linux open source OS
  • Web interface menu
  • SSH, SFTP, Telnet
  • Modular seismic sensor design
  • Wide sensor response 10sec to 120Hz
  • Customized sensor corner frequency.
  • Operating temperature -40 to +70oC
  • Waterproof IP67 Anodized aluminium case.

GEOtiny is a compact miniature digital seismometer which integrates three seismic and three acceleration channels. It supports high resolution 24bit digitizer, embedded linux OS and GPS or NTP timing. Seedlink server ensures reliable real time data telemetry while large storage volume ensures long period local data recording. The instrument has very low power consumption so it can operate getting powered from a small 12V DC battery. Due to its small size provides the ability to be buried underground. Modular sensor interface allows the user to select between a variety of sensor types and frequency corners (10sec, 5sec, 2sec, 1sec, 2Hz, 4,5Hz), thus covering the short period and wide band seismic range. Design simplicity is the great advantage and it is reflected to the price which is only fraction of the common commercial seismometers. The user is able to deploy even 100% more units than using common seismometers at same cost.

The S-20 near broad band seismic sensor

  • 3-axis near broad band response (20sec-50Hz) seismometers
  • High Sensitivity 1500 V/m/sec, low power consumption.
  • Borehole Type, 80 mm diameter.
  • Surface type, 140 mm diameter.
  • Typical 20 m cable length, optional up to 150m
  • Build-in test line.

The S-20 seismometer is a three-component velocity output near broad band  seismic sensor. The design is based on the electronic velocity feedback which is applied to single coil low period geophone. The frequency bandwidth is extended from 50Hz, down to 20sec.

Two sensor types are provided, a borehole seismometer type and a surface seismometer type.

The borehole type is housed into a 80mm diameter casing while the surface type unit’s diameter is 130mm. The cable length is typically 10 meters. It can be
extended to 100 meters or more if required.

No mass-lock or centering is required that makes an easy connection with the digitizer. The settling time of the unit is very short, only one minute. Sensitivity is 1500V/m/sec (differentially) thus providing a very sensitive seismic sensor. A test line is also provided for calibration and testing.

The sensor is ideal for regional earthquake seismology and low frequency grumbling of volcanoes as well as for aftershock studies.

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