Discontinued Product

MALÅ Easy Locator Pro

The professional’s choice for utility mapping. MALÅ Easy Locator Pro (EL Pro is a cost-effective GPR solution that provides a comprehensive, end-to-end choice for utility mapping. It is the third generation of the EL-series.

Buried utilities are assets that need protection, so it is vital to gather precise and reliable information about the location and depth of buried infrastructure. MALÅ EL Pro offers the most comprehensive, non-destructive solutions for obtaining subsurface information about metallic and non-metallic utilities.

Based on real-time sampling technology, MALÅ EL Pro is faster, offers higher data resolution and significantly better penetration depth compared to traditional GPR technology. It can export 32 bit HDR data to stand-alone software and the solution is supplied with MALÅ Object Mapper and GPS Mapper software.

With its unique level of data precision and data resolution, MALÅ EL Pro is the professional choice for utility mapping.


  • Outstanding data quality
  • Easy-to-use, foldable all-in-one unit
  • Fast data acquisition
  • Built-in DGPS for improved positioning
  • Data export and post-processing software
  • Exceptional detection capabilities
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