GEOedge Server

  • Web-based client/server architecture accessible from any web browser
  • Full support of Earthworm tool chain
  • Real-time data sharing for all station streams received
  • Real-time signal display of any number of incoming streams
  • Support of SEEDlink protocol and MiniSEED format
  • Receives data over multiple links and protocols including TCP/IP, seedlink, etc.
  • Capability to apply any kind of real-time or post-processing supported by Earthworm
  • Capability to convert to g, cm/sn² and m/sn²
  • Capability of removal of instrument response, and detrend ,taper and filtering etc.
  • Capability of storing data in files and folders with configurable time intervals and convert them to any other time-interval needed.
  • Conversion of stored data to ASCII with configurable header info
  • Network management capabilities with State of Health collection and station information/metadata displayed on map, in clickable markers
  • Backfilling of data after network disconnections
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