We provide Topographic Survey by using terrestris and aerial method.

Unmanned Aerial Photogrammetry System (UAPS)
UAPS is one of mapping method with remote sensing that produces high-resolution images using non-metric cameras that are calibrated with the unmanned aircraft vehicle with auto pilot system.

Added Value with Aerial Photogrammetry System:
1. No Cloud Coverage
2. Near Real Time (according to acquisition time)
3. Full control of the aerial vehicle (different with manned aerial vehicle that need specific permit to collect data)
4. Ownership of Data

1. Unaccessed Area Mapping
2. Monitoring of plant growth such as plantation or reclamation area
3. Calculation of mining or plantation area
4. Enviromental Impact Assesment Monitoring
5. Coal Stock Pile volume calculation
6. Overburden progress monitoring
7. 3D modelling and building reconstruction


Result of UAPS