GEObit provides surface and borehole type seismometer with many variant bandwith according to your needs, we provide Near Broad Band Seismic Sensor, Wide Band Seismic Sensor, Short Period Seismic Sensors and Compact Digital Seismometer.

New generation “state of the art” 32-bit ADC seedlink digitizers / recorders, designed on our latest technology. They support three or six analog channels, ultra high resolution, especially in higher sampling rates from 250 to 1000 samples per second (sps). The effective resolution is 23.7 bits at 250 samples per second data rate, therefore they providing dynamic range greater of 138db.

The SM550 and SM1500 are two MEMS type, three-component acceleration sensors. Both have wide frequency response. The SM1500 model responses from DC to 1500Hz, while the SM550 model responses from 0.5 to 550Hz. Output Range is +/-3g for the horizontal axis, and +/-2g for the vertical axes. Sensitivity is 1.2V/g for the Sm1500, and 0.3V/g for the SM550.

The Geobit advanced multi-channel structural monitoring system supports real time automatic user alert. The system acquires data from all the channels at 200sps per channel by default, continuously and processes them in real time.

GEObit provides compact solutions for quick deploy seismic stations based on SRi32L digitizer/recorder and C100 sensor. The SRi32L recorder has 3 input channels, and integrated sensor electronics.

The OBS32 offshore seismograph, can record microseismic events occurring under oceanic sea bottom and below water depths up to 10Km. It uses atomic clock or OCXO crystal for accurate data timing. The Instrument’s main structure is a glass sphere of 43 cm of diameter inside which all the electronic units and the submarine type battery packs are placed.