Who We Are

High-quality, reliable and best cost survey services and geoscience data processing are what PT. Exact Global Teknologi offered to our client. We also provide geoscience applications, including Seismic Data Acquisition, GPR, Resistivity, Gravity, Magnetic, Magnetotelluric, Geological Survey and Modelling, Hydrogeology, Geophysical, Geochemical, and Geodetic Survey. As a full geoscience service company, we works in several industries, including mining, oil and gas, geothermal, and infrastructure.

PT. Exact Global Teknologi also provide instruments and research laboratories supplier for education and industrial purpose. A wide range of surveys including geophysical survey, geological survey, and geodetic survey are offered to answer our client’s need. The research laboratory equipment are ready for civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electronic engineering area.

We believe that maintaining long-tem relationship with clients is our priority. Therefore, our commitment is to provide excellent solutions for the after-sales service.




To be the most completed and the best company in geoscience services, so we could give a definite and exact solution to meet our clients needs.


Providing high quality services and results to support business compliance and business development in geoscience industry (mining, oil & gas, etc.) and other geoscience application. We will cooperate with our clients to provide the exact solution, effective, cost efficient, and give more value to our clients.


Our values is “Exactly” which means:

  1. Excellence – We are professionals who are dedicated and passionate to doing our job.
  2. Active – We will always be active and strive to give the best result for our client’s satisfaction.
  3. Commitment – We execute our mission with the highest standard to give the best quality services for our client.
  4. Trust Partnership – Teaming up with co-workers and clients in an business environment of respect and mutual trust.
  5. Low Profile – We always maintain a good relationship with our clients and we’re not arrogant in doing business.
  6. Young Spirit – We have a great passion in running and developing a business in geoscience services.