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Geoscience services company & Laboratories Instruments Supplier


MALÅ GPR delivers solutions for a wide range of applications including climate Research, utility detection, road profiling, mineral exploration, archaeology, concrete investigations and many more.

ABEM Terrameter LS 2

The new generation of ABEM Terrameter LS constantly pushes
the bounderies by introducing features previously never seen
in commercial resistivity meters.

ABEM Terraloc Pro2
Seismic Solutions

The new ABEM Terraloc Pro 2 is a versatile,
next generation seismograph that inherited all
the smart features of its predecessor and now
offers a new, more responsive and simplified
user interface, as well as an improved battery


ABEM WalkTEM offers fast, efficient
penetration of conductive overburden with
excellent data collection in high resistivity
zones to meet each clients specific needs.


Compact Digital Seismometer
Integrates three seismic, three acceleration channels and high resolution 24bit digitizer GEOtiny - Pay Less Get More

Portable Seismic Stations

We provides compact solutions for quick deploy seismic stations

The S-20 near broad band seismic sensor

Three-component velocity output near broad band seismic sensor

The SRi32 Digitizer

32-bit Seismic digitizers / recorders with SeedLink Server



PT. EXACT GLOBAL TEKNOLOGI - Geoscience Services Company & Laboratories Instruments Supplier



PT. Exact Global Teknologi is a Full geoscience services. We offer survey services and geoscience data processing in mining industry, oil and gas industry, geothermal, infrastructure, and other geoscience applications including Seismic Data Acquisition, GPR, Resistivity, Gravity, Magnetic, Magnetotelluric, Geological Survey and Modelling, Hydrogeology, Geophysical, Geochemical, and Geodetic Survey.

PT. Exact Global Teknologi also provide Instuments and Research laboratories supplier for Education and Industries. We provide instrument for Geophysical survey, geological survey, Geodetic survey and Research laboratories equipment for Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Engineering and Other scient laboratory and Industries.

Headquartered in Bandung, PT Exact Global Teknologi provide wide range of services and products which allow us to select the most suitable solution to meet our clients needs. It is our mission to build and maintain long term relationship with all our clients by providing excellent solutions and after sales service.